welcomeWelcome to our Religious Education & Sacramental Programs.  Our classes are held Sundays at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am in the School Hall for one hour and fifteen minutes.  Your family needs to be registered in the Parish in order to be enrolled in the RE Program.  Go to the top of this page to “RE Classes & Programs,” then “RE Sunday”.  Please read the  “Requirements” before filling out the registration form, which can be obtained in the RE Office or in the rear of the Church.  We need to see an original Baptismal certificate of the child entering the program.  If you have particular issues, situations or needs, please do not hesitate to call the RE Office at (609) 291-8281.

Again, WELCOME and God bless!.

All RE and Parish Volunteers….


It is very important that all St. Mary’s volunteers get fingerprinted and attend a “Virtus” (Child Abuse Awareness).

Please call the RE Office for a copy of the instructions and paperwork at (609) 291-8281 ext: 18, all fingerprints are done through a Diocesan appointed company.  After you obtain the paperwork and fill it out you must go online to register.  Included in the paperwork are convenient addresses of fingerprinting locations and their office hours.  The parish will reimburse volunteers the $21.45 fee when you return the paperwork, your receipt and the Diocese has processed your fingerprints.  After you are fingerprinted and cleared, a volunteer badge will be sent to our office, which will then be made available to you.  This badge needs to be worn at all times while volunteering in the parish.  Volunteer’s fingerprints are good for 4 years.

To attend the Virtus workshop, you will need to register online at www.virtus.org.  This program was put in place by the Diocese of Trenton and is necessary for all volunteers who help out more than a few hours a year at our parish and who are in contact with children or young adults.  No children may attend this workshop.  The workshop is a 3 hour course.  You cannot be late, the doors close and lock 5 minutes after the program starting time.  Again, you need to go online to www.virtus.org to register no less than a few days before the workshop is scheduled and make sure you print “St. Mary’s-Bordentown, NJ” or your info will be lost.  If there is not a workshop scheduled here at St. Mary’s, look for another parish and date on the same site to fulfill this requirement and again print “St. Mary’s-Bordentown, NJ.”  Please do this ASAP!

Any further questions please do not hesitate to call the RE Office.  Thank you for your time, energy and support!  God bless!