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Baptism in the Catholic Church starts with infants right after birth and parents and godparents need to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class before the baptism takes place.  Children, teens and adults need instruction before they receive this Sacrament.  A child will be placed in the Parish RE Program for further instruction on Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in a classroom setting with their peers or in a catchup group.  Adults will attend an R.C.I.A. class by signing up in July and receiving all of the initiation sacraments at the Easter Vigil the following year.

For more information on infant ~ 1st grade aged children’s Baptism call the Parish main office at (609) 298-0261. For children from 2nd grade ~ High School call the RE Office at (609) 291-8281.  For Adults wanting to attend the R.C.I.A. classes call the main office at (609) 298-0261 by July 1st.    Thank you and welcome!