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Christian Community Service

A new Service Pledge Form can be found in the link below.  Please call the RE Office for further inquiries or questions on a service you would like to perform.  The Service Pledge Form must be handed in and approved PRIOR to the service being performed.  Therefore please turn in your Service Pledge Form as soon as possible.  Once your service has been approved, you will be notified and receive a “Tracking Form”.  Bring your “Tracking Form” with you to your service and have it signed by the individual supervising you. In order to receive credit for your service, you must return the signed Tracking Form to the RE Office in a timely manner!  You may drop it in the mailbox at the foot of the Parish Center, mail to the RE Office or turn it into your RE teacher on Sunday.

Service Pledge Form 

Suggestions For Service Projects

****Always check with the RE Office with any questions you may have.  You may look into other service options outside of this parish.  Again, please hand in your Service Pledge Form before actually performing the service to be sure it will be approved.

Have fun, thank you and God bless your “Works of Mercy!