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List of Pages under “Confirmation:”    7th Grade, Christian Community Service, Documents/Forms, Notices.

Electronic Bible


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Service Pledge
Parent Prep Packet

Candidate Packet

Study Guide … for 7th through 8th grade levels for Confirmation Tests.
Agreement of Parent/Guardian & Sponsor Form
Rite of Enrollment
The Choosing of a Christian Name
Draft Letter to the Bishop Instructions
Report on Service Activity
We hope you ask God’s Most Holy Spirit to encourage, strengthen, enlighten and if needed, lovingly push you forward for Confirmation and […]

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Christian Community Service

A new Service Pledge Form can be found in the link below.  Please call the RE Office for further inquiries or questions on a service you would like to perform.  The Service Pledge Form must be handed in and approved PRIOR to the service being performed.  Therefore please turn in your Service Pledge Form as soon as possible.  […]

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