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First you need to be a Parishioner of St. Marys or register now in the parish.  If not and you want to stay at your parish, write a letter to your pastor and Fr. Mike requesting permission to attend our RE process programs for education and sacrament classes.  When this has been established and approved bring in you childs original Baptismal Certificate, which we will copy for filing and give you back the original.

If you are coming from another Catholic parish or school, we need to see a transcript of last attended RE Classes.  If your children are of another Christian Faith they need to make a “Profession of Faith,” if their Baptism is in union with the Catholic faith or be Baptized in the parish to recieve other sacraments of the Church. This would be for children from Kindergaten – High School.  Young adults, college students and adults need to attend the R.C.I.A. classes and call the main Parish office at (609) 298-0261 for more information. Program info is below and again Welcome!

RE Classes, Programs & Processes start during the Summer, around July from 9:30am-1:00pm and Sundays, Sept. ~ April at 8:00-9:15an, 9:30-10:45am and 11:00am-12:15pm.  And if your children are home sschooled we have the AH=At Home F.A.I.T.H.  Program. Drag cursor to RE Classes, but do not click, then drag to title you need. There are  “Requirements” with important information:  Rules, Safety issues, Registration info, Parent, student and family procedures for all religious education processes and much more.  You may print to have any information to have on hand at anytime or leave it in place for future reference.  Items do change or are taken off according to the year’s activities.

If you are looking for a particular Program or Process do not click your cursor.  Go back to “RE Classes” and Slide your cursor to the title you need, then click the cursor on that title.

Any forms to be had will be under “Documents/Forms,” and “Notices” will pass on class information or events taking place you need to be aware of and special movies or audio info will be under “Videos.”  Please check the site a few times during the week, Friday or Saturday, and Sunday mornings for additions and changes in schedules or closings.  You may call the RE Office for any inquiries about the process, its activities and procedures Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm and Fridays 9am-1:30pm.  The coordinator of Religious Education is not in on Fridays, but you may talk with her assistant. Saturdays and Sundays the RE and Church Offices are closed and most holidays.    Again, WELCOME!

Enjoy your year of FAITH here at our St. Mary’s Religious Education Programs on Fall to Spring Sundays,  two weeks during the Summer, At Home and on our website!

God’s blessings always!

All Volunteers

It is very important that all St. Mary’s volunteers get fingerprinted and attend a “Virtus” (Child Abuse Awareness).
Please call the RE Office for a copy of the instructions and paperwork at (609) 291-8281 ext: 18, all fingerprints are done through a Diocesan appointed company.  After you obtain the paperwork and fill it out you must go […]

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RE Sundays

Classes will take place most Sundays starting in the Fall.  Always check the calendar for more information to the right of the site.  Registration starts in the Spring for early registration and after that it’s regular registration!  Forms are in the Parish Center’s RE Office and in the rear magazine rack in the back of […]

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AH… F.A.I.T.H.

AH – “F.A.I.T.H. ~ Faith Alive In The Home” –  If there is a problem, please do not hesitate to call the RE Office (609) 291-8281, Mon., Tues, Thurs. or Fri. between the hours of  8am-4pm. Thank you and God bless!
At Home families …   all tests for the year have been mailed to you.  Please […]

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