Welcome Catechists and Volunteers, to another Spiritual Season here at St. Mary’s Church!

Just a few reminders

— If you are unable to teach on a certain Sunday, please notify the RE office either via email or telephone, as soon as possible.

— Also please adhere to the policy of no food or beverages in the classrooms.  This is extremely important.  There are many students who have severe food allergies and we can not take any unnecessary risks to the health of our students.

— If you are in need of supplemental teaching tools, such as videos, books, crafts, etc. please contact our office.  We have many resources that are available to you — all you have to do is ask!   You are also more than welcome to stop by our office peruse our library and borrow any of our various teaching supplies.

Thank you all for your time, energy and willingness to share your faith!  You are all gifts to the parish and this office.

May God’s many blessing always be with you and your loved ones!

Margaret Zola, CRE

RE Office … (609) 291-8281 ……. or